The Once and Future Me.

Last year, one of my coworkers (I think it was Sherry) found this website called FutureMe, where you can send yourself an email from the past. It’s a really exceptional concept, I think. And being the nostalgic, sappy person that I’m occassionally prone to be, I latched onto it quickly. I recall sending myself several emails to the future, and then promptly forgot about it (until a few months ago, when I stumbled upon it again, before yet again forgetting). But I digress.

Today has been a year ago since we discovered that website, and I received my first email from the past me a little while ago. Very surreal.

Because it contains no deep, dark secrets, I’ve decided to post it here:

Dear FutureMe,

Right now, I’m sitting in Hester Memorial Library, working at the circulation desk since Nate is training for the new automated system. I think this is a really cool idea.

A few minutes ago, I talked with Leonardo about cooking for the STD party that will be hosted at our house on Saturday (today is Thursday). The party is going to be pretty amazing and fun.

So a year from now (which is when I plan to have this email sent), I’m guessing that I’ll be living back at home, going to grad school at Carolina, and who knows what else? It’ll be interesting to see how this all works out. A year is actually a very short amount of time, I’m finding out.

So, Future Haley, I hope you’re doing well. I hope you love your life. I hope you’re ready for Christmas (as much as I am now).

This is probably really cheesy, but remember that, no matter what is going on now, a year ago, you were happy. People loved you.

Past Haley

If Present Haley could talk to Past Haley, this is what she would say:

1. Shame on your for the confusing modifier in paragraph 1! Upon first reading it, I thought I was excited about the new automated library system and not the FutureMe emails.

2. The party was a lot of fun. Good job on calling that. 🙂

3. A year is very short…and oh, so long, at the same time. And isn’t it funny how God takes those best-laid plans and throws them out the window? I’m not living at my parents’, and although I’m in grad school, it’s not in Columbia OR for library science. And honestly, it’s a little creepy to read this and know that just a month later, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I would certainly tell Past Haley to stop visiting Dunkin Donuts so often. And lay off the Mountain Dew. 🙂

4. I am ready for Christmas, Past Haley. In fact, at this moment, I’m sitting in my room, which is lit only by Christmas lights and Christmas candles, and I’m listening to Christmas music from the radio [currently, the original version of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”…we’re on Day 10. :)]

5. “No matter what happens”…foreshadowing, perhaps? (Or probably just my overdeveloped sense of drama.) But, Past Haley, you’ll be pleased to know that I’m still happy, maybe even more so than I was then. And I’m definitely still loved.

Past Haley, you’ve come a long way. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Once and Future Me.

  1. Hope says:

    This totally feels like that movie with Ben Affeck umm Payback or Paycheck or something. You know, giving yourself wisdom from the past while secretly shaking your head to think how different life was at that very moment. Hmmmm.

  2. Ticcoa says:

    I’m intrigued my this FutureMe stuff. Maybe I should try it as well–especially since I’ve spent the last few days dwelling on what will happen a year from now.

    I may not have known Past Haley, but I’m oh-so-glad I know Present Haley. 🙂

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