Today, as I stood in the line at Subway, ordering my salad, I had an interesting experience. One of those moments that make me realize that life contains a really complex web of connections.

When I parked at Wal-Mart (to go to the Subway inside, by the way), a car pulled in beside me, and a man wearing ACUs (the informal camo for the army) stepped out of his car. He walked behind me into Wal-Mart and Subway (but not in a creepy way or anything–we were just going to the same place). As we stood beside each other, I noticed that the patch on his left arm is the same as my brother’s–for the 218th unit. I’m reasonably sure that’s just a National Guard unit, and it contains smaller groups across the whole state, so it’s not that much of a coincidence, but still interesting to note. I didn’t say anything to him, mostly because I was soon engaged in conversation with the man and woman standing to my left.

When I stepped up to the counter, an older man ahead of me noticed my name tag and asked where I worked at NGU. I told him the library, and the woman with him leaned around and said, “Oh, really? My daughter goes there.” The older man was the woman’s father, and the two of them began to talk to me. When I asked her daughter’s name, she said, “Gambrell” and gave me their last name. I knew who they were talking about because she’s been in the library before. How incredibly ironic that this girl’s first name is the same as my last! And even more ironic that I should stand next to her family at Subway. The girl’s mother then proceeded to tell me that it had been someone’s maiden name at some point, and that one side of the family pronounces it “Gam-BRELL” (the way I do), while her side of the family pronounces it “GAM-brell.”

I’m not really sure that all those details are relevant, but I decided to include them anyway. You’re welcome.

Basically, to sum up this kind of long and pointless post, I stood between people at Subway who, in some way, have a connection to my family.  I think it would be interesting if I could make some kind of web of every person I meet and how I’m connected. It would be impossible, but it’s an interesting thought.

Okay, so this may be the most pointless blog I’ve ever posted on this website. That’s okay, though. It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want.

3 thoughts on “Connections

  1. Hope says:

    It’s not pointless. It is a thinly veiled reference to the inter-revelance of life on this planet. I love meeting people like that; it makes the world that less scary. Although I wish that happened more often, it’s ok. They’ll eventually stalk me down on facebook.

  2. andrewlewis says:

    Ducks eat for free at Subway.

  3. transwriter says:

    I love posts like this.

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