I really like Tuesdays.

Mostly because it’s the day that new music comes out! Today, it was The Fray‘s self-titled album. I’ve already listened to the entire album three times, and of course hit repeat on various other tracks. For once,  I didn’t preview the album online, although it was available. The last two new albums that I’ve bought on release day (Snow Patrol’s A Hundred Million Suns and the Fiction Family debut), I’d heard multiple times online. But this time, I just enjoyed the anticipation–the not knowing–and it felt pretty great to slide the CD in without knowing exactly what the first sound would be.

My early impression is that I love this album. Of course. It’s a good winter album, mellow and melancholy at times, and Isaac Slade on the piano sort of makes me melt a little. 🙂

And now, for your enjoyment, The Fray’s acoustic version of their first single, “You Found Me”:


One thought on “I really like Tuesdays.

  1. Christina says:

    I’ve been listening to this song on repeat since Tuesday. I adore the new album, and I agree about the waiting. It made it all the more worth while.

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