You’re patient with my impatience.

I’ve spent the morning listening to one album on repeat on my iPod. Surprisingly enough, it is not The Fray. Nope.

Check out The Autumn Film. The Onion said this: “Like a post-collegiate Fiona Apple jamming with Snow Patrol, The Autumn Film serves up a piano-drenched sincerity topped off with a voice that’s wise and heartbroken beyond its years.”

First of all, are you not intrigued by that description? It’s dead on, too. This band is amazing! And they have free music…

I downloaded “The Grey EP” last fall, and found it to be spectacular. The only requirement for a free download is that you send an email recommendation to a friend. And after you hear it, why wouldn’t you want to recommend them?

However, earlier this week, I downloaded another (also free!) EP, “So Loved.” Somehow, it’s even better than “The Grey EP.” I don’t know how. But the third track, “Holding Place,” (lyrics here) may very well be one of the best songs I’ve ever heard in my life. I cannot stop listening.

So…go download some free music. Spread the word. Buy stuff, even, if you want. Just listen!

And, as usual, thanks to Andrew for introducing me to The Autumn Film. My life (and my iPod) would be empty without you. 🙂

One thought on “You’re patient with my impatience.

  1. andrewlewis says:

    I actually only downloaded the Grey EP last fall when I discovered them. I’m on it now. Thanks. 🙂

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