The green comes from the frozen ground…

Last night, some friends and I went to Easley to see the play Foxfire. This post is not about that. (The play is good, though, and you should see it if you get the chance.)

At some point in the car, this kid Andrew (whom I just met last night) said the word “forever” but, as usually with fans of the film, imitated the kid from the movie The Sandlot, which led us to briefly discussing the movie. I mentioned that I own it because I’d found it for $5 at Wal-Mart, which was one of the best days of my life. (I’m prone to drama and exagerration, in case you are unaware.) Harvin, my beloved roommate and BFF, made some remark along the lines of “You have about 500 ‘best days of your life.'”

Hmmm…do I? It’s a comment that I make relatively often, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I have a lot of really good days. So I started thinking about that. If I were to make a list of “best days of my life,” what would that look like?

You probably guessed it. I started the list. And I’ve decided to include it here, in chronological order. Not surprisingly, most of these are relatively recent (the farthest back is almost 5 years), but I’m sure if I thought harder, I would be able to come up with many, many more. Here are my favorites from the list that I spent just a few minutes making this afternoon.

May 4, 2004: My last day of exams of my freshman year of college and the first day of summer break. My then-roommate Adrienne’s birthday. But, most importantly, the day I bought Switchfoot’s The Beautiful Letdown. My life has not been the same since. 🙂

October 14, 2006: I spent the day riding roller coasters for the first time at Carowinds (which we had free tickets for). Epic.

March 18, 2007: That morning, I got my first phone call (2 minutes!) from my brother Berry, who was at basic training at Fort Benning, GA. That night, I went to my first Switchfoot concert. Euphoria all day.

May 23, 2007: Family Day at Fort Benning. I got to spend the entire day with my brother, whom I hadn’t seen in over two months. He’s my favorite person ever.

July 5, 2007: Harvin and I took a road trip to Beaufort and Hunting Island, where I climbed my first lighthouse. Traveling with my BFF is always a best day.

July 20/21, 2007: I spent the afternoon/early evening finishing Rilla of Ingleside, the last book in the Anne of Green Gables series. It was my first time reading through the entire series. Harvin and I went to a late dinner at P.F. Chang’s (delicious!) then went to Barnes & Noble for my first-ever book release party: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. We drank copious amounts of caffeinated beverages and hung out in the store until ridiculously late. Then, once we got home around 2 a.m., I read for a few hours, slept a few hours, and then spent the rest of the day reading, finally finishing around 6 p.m. To finish 2 beloved book series in less than 24 hours was epic.

November 3, 2007: Harvin and I spent the morning browsing at a craft fair in Greer. That evening, I went to my second Switchfoot concert at the Bi-Lo Center, after which we hung around and met Jon Foreman. I was speechless for the first time in my life. I cried a little. It was beautiful.

March 4, 2008: I took a road trip by myself to Savannah. I hung out at Fort Pulaski, a national monument where there’s a lighthouse on the grounds. Then I drove a few miles to Tybee Island and saw that lighthouse. Two in one day, on a solitary adventure? It was fantastic.

March 16, 2008: The day after my friend Laura got married (at which she told me she and her husband would be living in TR, and was I sure I wanted to leave Greenville?), I had a discussion with my parents. I decided, in a matter of just a few hours, that I would stay in Greenville, keep working at NGU, and apply to Converse to get my M.A.T. Not once have I regretted that decision.

April 28, 2008: Civil Twilight opened for Switchfoot at the Orange Peel in Asheville. Best concert ever.

May 2, 2008: My first trip to Connemara (Carl Sandburg’s home), the day after Harvin and Nikki graduated. Tina, Becky, and Ticcoa also went. This is probably the day I first realized how much I love living in the mountains.

June 10, 2008: My 23rd birthday. I went to dinner with friends, and then we hung out at the Silver Chair. It was also the day that Jon Foreman’s “Summer” EP was released (and I finally downloaded “Spring”). New music on my birthday? Perfect!

October 4, 2008: Harvin and I joined the Leisters in a trip to Connemara and Chimney Rock. It served as an initiation for my new car. And we had a great time, of course.

December 21, 2008: I stayed awake until 5 a.m. because I was having a really great, important conversation. A very good night.

December 23, 2008: On my way home for Christmas, I took my time and did some exploring. I marked two things off My List of Things to Do Before I Die. Before leaving town, I picked up my Christmas gift from Jessie: a poster-sized photo of Steven McKellar, the lead singer of Civil Twilight. Best present ever. And a beautiful day, all in all.

January 1, 2009: I started the new year off with some best friends and a heavy dose of spontaneity.

February 7, 2009: That’s today! I spent the morning with Harvin, Ticcoa, and Jess, planning our July trip to Boston. While I was there, Barnes & Noble played the entire Fiction Family album. The temperature was in the 60s, with plenty of sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. After I left B&N, I realized that I couldn’t stay inside. So I called Ticcoa, and she, Jess, and I went to Connemara, where we walked around the pond and then sat outside the house. I dug my toes into the grass and listened to Jon Foreman’s “Spring” EP. And the day was absolutely glorious and perfect. I can bear winter if God will ocassionally give me spring days like today in the midst.

Looking at this list (and the rest of them that I haven’t included), I can easily pick out a theme. Best days happens with music, traveling, and best friends.

Life is beautiful.

4 thoughts on “The green comes from the frozen ground…

  1. transwriter says:

    Your Best Days are really sweet. Most, I noted, are simple and not very dramatic, so it seems that the little things are important to you. That’s a good quality to have. Thanks for this blog!

  2. Hope says:

    Music, traveling, and friends. You’re a very wise woman.

  3. Harvin says:

    So, yeah… I feel super special that I got to be part of the majority of these moments. =) I would mark these up as great days in my life as well.

    Now, here’s the fun part: think of all the places we want to go, the trips we’re planning, the fun times we have on such average days, and image how AWESOME this list is going to be in the months to come!!

  4. […] where I find beauty in the small things in life, and that energizes me. Check out my list of the best days of my life–many of them do involve concerts and musicians. But many more involve my best friends, just […]

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