Fifty Book Challenge

I just signed up for a 50 book challenge for 2009. It’s definitely do-able. In fact, I definitely expect to go above and beyond that, especially if I count novels I read for school.

But I definitely just sat down to think about my progress so far. It’s sad. In the month of January, I’ve read a total of four books. Yes, just four. Sadly, three of them I had read before (and the fourth one was a bust). Here they are:

1. Breaking Dawn, Stephenie Meyer. I re-read this for the first time since the release date, when I finished it by 9 that night. It wasn’t as good the second time around, surprisingly. The first time, I was so involved in the story and then relieved at the outcome that I finished with a sigh of relief and a sense of satisfaction. This time, more stuff bothered me. But I won’t go into it here. We can discuss that at another point if any of you are interested.

2. Sophie’s Heart, Lori Wick. Christian romance. My one literary vice. I’m very picky when it comes to these sorts of books, but I do like Lori Wick, mostly because of her storytelling abilites. I have some issues with her writing style, but this one isn’t bad.

3. Homecoming, Cynthia Voigt. The first in a fantastic young adult/children’s series. It had been awhile since I read it, and I decided to pick it up again. If I ever make a list of books about traveling, this one is included.

4. When It Happens, Susane Colasanti. I bought this book last week because it’s published by the same house as all of Sarah Dessen’s books (and because one of the main characters was a musician, and the book was hailed for its musical references). Dessen is a fantastic young adult writer. Colasanti is not. I had issues with the dialogue, with the characters, and with her overuse of the word “like.” I did enjoy that she references James Taylor, Chicago, Journey, and REO Speedwagon. And eventually, I liked the basic plot, enough to keep reading (that and the fact that I was bored in the writing center). But the details, where real writing is made…well, they suck. Don’t read this.

Right now, I’m 60 pages from the end of I Am Legend by Richard Matheson. Yes, the one that was made into the Will Smith movie that I enjoyed so much. I hope to finish reading it this afternoon. Dean Koontz called it “the most clever and riveting vampire novel since Dracula.” Sounds promising, right? Let’s hope so. Perhaps I’ll make a post about it when I’m finished.