A Snow Day To-Do List

1. Don’t go to work or to class.

2. Stare out the window at all the blinding whiteness and marvel that it’s March 2.

3. Dig out a warm purple hat and matching awesome scarf.

4. Wander around your apartment complex with your roomie/BFF (wearing Converses that leave you with numb feet…).

5. Discover that your apartment has a swing set hidden in the back.

6. Swing on the swing set and jump off like a little kid.

7. Engage in a snowball fight with the actual little kids in your apartment building (they started it…and they were adorable!).

8. Build a miniature snowman to put on your roommate’s car (he’s sitting outside my apartment now…I need to give him a good snowman name…).

9. Warm up by curling up on the sofa and watching 8 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with your roomie/BFF, whose flight to Toronto was canceled until tomorrow.

10. Celebrate said roommate’s departure by driving through Greer and admiring the snow-covered cemetery and then enjoying a delightful evening meal at Copper River Grill.

(I enjoy snow days, maybe. I’m ready for spring to get here, though. But today was really nice.)

2 thoughts on “A Snow Day To-Do List

  1. Hope says:

    Aren’t you glad you immortalized that story through words?

  2. Harvin says:

    Jasper enjoyed being adorned by your snowman. =)

    HA! I knew you liked snow!! When I live in Canada, you must come lock yourself away with me during your winter breaks.

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