The Black Ghosts

the-black-ghostsThis isn’t technically new music, as the album was released in 2007, but it is new to me.

I’ve listened to the Twilight soundtrack a few times, but the album isn’t my favorite, overall. The one song (besides the Linkin Park and Muse songs I already loved), however, that I really love is the song “Full Moon” by The Black Ghosts.

So today, when I got my replacement computer cord in the mail (my original fried–almost literally–a few weeks ago), I logged onto MySpace and iTunes to find more music.

First, check out their album artwork. I find it fascinating and kinda creepy. And a little awesome.

Anyway, I listened to all the tracks up on their MySpace and bought two of their songs on iTunes (the “Full Moon” track is also from their full-length, self-titled album). Those three tracks are spectacular, and if the rest of the album were that good, I’d have a new obsession on my hands. 🙂 I’m hoping that if I listen to the rest of the album some more, it will grow on me, and I’ll love all the songs just as much as I’m loving these three right now.

Beyond the music, the videos that I’ve watched are really amazing.

My favorite song might be “Anyway You Choose to Give It”:

But the video for “Some Way Through This” is phenomenal. Watch it, if only for the Lego reproduction of Edward Hopper’s painting Nighthawks somewhere in the middle:

One thought on “The Black Ghosts

  1. Harvin says:

    I’ve heard these songs on YouTube and liked them as well. Well-made music videos are always such a plus!! I’m interested to hear the rest of the album and see if I like it or not.

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