I’ve waited so long.

Happy First Day of Spring!

Officially, winter must leave now. I’m sure. After overcast, cold, windy days; a random, relatively heavy snow fall; and a few faux-spring days that raised my hopes before crushing them again, spring is here!

I can walk barefoot in the grass now, drive with my windows down (unless it’s raining),  and pretend to do my homework outside while I actually just daydream. I’ve already spent a lot of those almost-spring days exploring in the mountains with my friends, and I’ve started listening to all the happy music that makes me think of spring and summer.

I love spring: fresh grass, sunshine on my face, and sudden rainstorms that make everything fresh and new. Yay! 🙂


“The earth spins and the moon goes round. The green comes from the frozen ground, and everything will be made new again like freedom in spring.”

– “Golden,” Switchfoot


3 thoughts on “I’ve waited so long.

  1. andrewlewis says:

    Winter? What winter? We didn’t get no stinking winter around here…

  2. Harvin says:

    Booo warm weather! Blech!

    JK – I will admit that after a few days of sitting in the comfortably warm sun and reading a book, I CAN agree to this weather. But don’t start thinking I’m a softie for spring and don’t favor winter!

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