Happy Thursday!

I took my midterm yesterday afternoon for 20th Century American Fiction (lots of writing in a short period of time). Then, I headed to Educational Psychology to give a presentation and sit through two more hours of class. Rough day. But it’s spring break, and I don’t have class again for almost two weeks!

When I got home last night, I celebrated by supporting Threadless‘ Spring Cleaning Sale! Check out my new purchases (for just $5 each!):



Poetic Irony“:

One of my favorite Threadless designs! And…it’ll be perfect for wearing when we visit Poe’s grave in Baltimore on our way to Boston this summer!





Hide and Seek“:

A really creative design featuring fairy tales? Of course I’ll take one!


One thought on “Happy Thursday!

  1. Harvin says:

    Last night, I began adding all the designs that interested me/I thought others might like/I really am going to buy… and ended up with 20 items in my carts. Woops. I’ll check it out again tonight and get my own Poetic Irony. Yay road trip!!

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