#32: Actually speak to Jon Foreman.

fiction familyI love every bit of music that Jon Foreman has anything to do with. Seriously. So when I discovered that Fiction Family would be playing the Grey Eagle in Asheville–the day after my birthday, no less–I was super excited (which pretty much goes without saying, right?).

The show was wonderful. Sara Watkins (sister to Fiction Family co-founder Sean and fellow member of Nickel Creek) opened, and she did a fantastic job. And as her set neared its end, the rest of the band slowly joined her on stage–the drummer and bass player, then Sean Watkins, and finally Jon Foreman for the last song.

Side note: we sat on the far left side of the audience, about three rows back from the stage–I had a perfect view of the profiles of all the band members, and the stage was only a few feet away. Also only a few feet away? The door backstage. The door through which Jon Foreman came. The door next to which he stood (mere feet from my chair) when he wasn’t playing. 🙂

Okay…back to the show…

I really love the Fiction Family album, and they’re even better live. The venue is small, which lent itself to a more informal mood and allowed Jon Foreman to talk to individual people in the crowd–not me, but some people were lucky. The music was INCREDIBLE, of course. And Fiction Family covered Jon Foreman’s “Resurrect Me,” which they have recorded, but Jon also sang two other of his solo songs–“Behind Your Eyes” and “Your Love is Strong,” which is my favorite song from the seasonal EPs. Admittedly, there were tears in my eyes. So wonderful.

After the show, we chatted with Tim and Betsy Hendrix (Tim is a huge Nickel Creek fan, so he brought Betsy mostly to hear Sara open for Fiction Family). Then I bought a FF t-shirt, of course. Then I stood with Jess, Harvin, and Chris and admittedly lost it a little bit when Jon Foreman walked into the room.

Then Jess stood in line with me as we waited to get pictures, and I actually spoke to Jon Foreman this time. Not a long conversation, and I certainly said nothing brilliant, but he shook my hand and asked my name, and I told him the show was amazing and asked for a picture. MUCH BETTER than the last time I met Jon Foreman outside the Bi-Lo Center in November 2007, when I couldn’t even open my mouth to say “Hello” or “Thank you.” Improvement was all I was really looking for. 🙂

I know I’m ridiculous and fanatical. I know he’s just a musician, and I shouldn’t get so excited. But it’s Jon Foreman–the man who wrote the lyrics to most of my favorite songs, the frontman to the only band I don’t think I could live without anymore. He’s amazing, the music is incredible, and he’s a really swell guy. I’m glad I have a decent photo now, and I’m glad that I’ve improved enough not to be rendered completely speechless in his presence anymore.

And, of course, I’m glad to have marked something else off my List.

6 thoughts on “#32: Actually speak to Jon Foreman.

  1. Harvin says:

    When you and Jess got in line, I mentioned to Chris that I probably should’ve joined you, just in case you had another mute moment. =D

    The show was pretty good, and I really liked Sara. Thanks for letting me tag along, kiddo.

    • Haley says:

      Yeah, I actually managed to speak, although my hand was probably shaking a little when he shook it. 🙂

      Sara was phenomenal, I agree. And you can tag along anytime, of course. You’re my BFF and favorite concert-going-buddy. 🙂

  2. Kat says:

    For the record, I am so terribly jealous. Especially of the fact that you heard him perform these live. I LOVE this season EPs.

  3. Eric says:

    I was at the show, recording it actually. It’s possible a copy of it will end up on archive.org, pending band approval.

  4. Eric says:

    Also, I know the feeling you’re talking about.. I’ve found the best way to cure it is to see a bunch of shows by the artist right in a row, because then it’s easier to realize that this is just their job, and they’re just people, and as awesome as they are, it actually is possible to talk to them normally 🙂 At least, that’s what I did with Nickel Creek/Sean and Sara.

    • Haley says:

      Yeah, that would be incredible if I could follow Jon Foreman around to enough shows to get to that point. But then…do I really want to lose that excited feeling? Maybe not. 🙂

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