January Books

I haven’t signed up for an official book challenge like I did last year, but I set a goal for the year of reading 100 books I’ve never read before. I read 100 total last year, but a lot of those were re-reads. I find, already, that having these goal means that when I finish one book, I’m more inclined to pick up a book I’ve never read before rather than reading an old favorite.

Therefore, I’ll post a list at the end of each month detailing which books I’ve read–but only those that are new to me.

For January:

1. A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens.

2. Stacey the Math Whiz, Ann M. Martin (Baby-Sitters Club #105). Yes, this totally counts. It has chapters. 🙂

3. Claudia and the World’s Cutest Baby, Ann M. Martin (Baby-Sitters Club #97). I bought a few BSC books that I didn’t own at the Greenville Literacy book sale one year. I’m finally getting around to reading them.

4. Gossamer, Lois Lowry.

5-6. Angel: After the Fall, vol. 1 & 2, Brian Lynch & Joss Whedon. The TV show continues on in comic book form.

7-8. Serenity: Those Left Behind & Better Days, Joss Whedon & Brett Matthews. These two volumes bridge the TV show Firefly and the film Serenity.

9. The Body of Christopher Creed, Carol Plum-Ucci. This was a fantastic mystery for young adult readers. Incredibly well-written and engrossing!

10. Death: The High Cost of Living, Neil Gaiman. A stand-alone graphic novel that features the character of Death from Gaiman’s Sandman series. This was the first thing I’d ever read by Gaiman. I wasn’t too impressed.

11. The Story Girl, L.M. Montgomery. I don’t love the Story Girl as much as I love Anne Shirley, but this was a delightful book.

12. Hard Times, Charles Dickens. GE is still my favorite. But this one was decent, too.

88 more books, 11 more months. I think I can accomplish this goal.


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