Reflection on a Snowy Afternoon

It’s snowing outside, and it’s beautiful. Generally, I loathe winter, but the temperature is only just below freezing, so I can tolerate being outside for short periods of time, and it’s pure snow. No ice or sleet or freezing rain. Just soft, beautiful, feathery snow. This is the kind of snowfall I can enjoy.

When I left work, the snow had begun to fall slowly. Driving home through the falling snow was wonderful, except I kept getting distracted watching the snow instead of the road. No worries. I made it home safely. 🙂

When I got home, I changed into warmer clothes and took off the recycling. While I unloaded cardboard and plastic into the bins, snow covered by purple coat and my braid and my car, and I realized it was beginning to stick. I then took the opportunity to stop by the Silver Chair just to browse books. There’s something about a snowy afternoon that makes me want to slow down and just relax. I had nothing important to do and nowhere I needed to be, so I spent about 45 minutes drinking coffee and browsing. I found quite a few treasures, as well. I bought a beautiful copy of Representative Men, a collection of essays by Emerson. I picked up and put down probably a dozen more books. I need to make time to shop there more often.

When I pulled into my driveway, my neighbors from apartment 39 were outside in the parking lot. Five-year-old Xander asked me to play, so we threw snowballs at each other while I chatted with his grandmother Angela. I stood outside in the falling snow for ten or fifteen minutes chatting with them. It’s lovely to start building community while the snow is falling around us. 🙂

Now, I’m sitting in my apartment, next to a lit Christmas tree decorated with snowflake ornaments. I enjoyed a cup of coffee and a bowl of chili, and I plan on doing nothing important this evening. Harvin just walked in, having cancelled her trip home. Maybe we’ll watch a movie or I’ll read a good book.

Perhaps snow days aren’t so bad after all.


2 thoughts on “Reflection on a Snowy Afternoon

  1. Katherine says:

    Snow days are always good days.

  2. Harvin says:

    Or maybe we’ll watch TORCHWOOD! =D Snow days make me crave the north in this terribly romanticized way. I should hurry up and more north so I can prove myself wrong but love it anyways.

    Also, I intend to ask Angela if her family loves Joss Whedon.

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