100 Items

Last week sometime, I sent out a tweet asking for suggestions for the 100th item on my List. The List stands at 99 right now, and I knew that whatever I added as #100 needed to be epic.

I got some great suggestions–meeting Joss Whedon, staying at the Grove Park Inn where F. Scott Fitzgerald stayed, and some others. But I decided on something a little different. Something necessary that will enable me to accomplish some of the items in the first 99 items.

#100: Get a passport.

It’s a big step, right? All the traveling that I desire to do, and I don’t even have a passport. I plan to make this happen very soon, and then I’ll be ready for some serious traveling.

So there we are. 100 items on the List. I’m eager to see how many of those items get marked off this year, and I’m super excited about what the next 100 items are gonna be.

One thought on “100 Items

  1. I love it. Passports are seriously cool. Good decision. 🙂

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