Stuff Christians Like

Two weeks ago, the Stuff Christians Like book was released, and I tracked down a copy at Barnes & Noble. (They had to get it from the storeroom because they hadn’t even put it out on the shelf yet. I speculate that the reason for this is that the book wasn’t supposed to come out until later this month, but the online retailers decided to release it early.)

Anyway, I just finished the book, and it’s everything I hoped it would be. I’ve been following Jon Acuff’s blog for months now, and I love how he can take some tiny aspect of our Christian culture, mock it, and then bring God’s truth to the forefront (or sometimes just make fun of it because he can).

He breaks the entries up into topics: “My Bad,” during which he discusses the things Christians love to hate; “Prayer”; “Love On,” during which he discusses aspects of dating and marriages, for the most part; “Church”; “God”; “Witnessing”; “The Bible”; “Parents”; “Missional Postmodern Relevance,” which is hilarious in its commentary on all the cool stuff we Christians do; and “Saturday Night Cryfast,” full of serious, thought-provoking posts that were incredibly encouraging and wonderful.

Acuff is gently and lovingly sarcastic, which seems rather paradoxical, but his sarcasm is always amusing and intended to point out the fallacy of how ridiculous we act. As a Christian, I can appreciate the truth of his observations; we love our metrosexual worship leaders; we make casseroles for every disaster known to man; we give side hugs to everyone.

I also think that if I were not a Christian, I could read this book, see all the things that I hated Christianity for, and perhaps realize that if Christians can realize how ridiculous they are, maybe some of them aren’t so bad.

You should buy the book. Or read the blog. Or, during the month of April, download the free e-book. I’m listening to it now, and it’s even more delightful to listen to Acuff talk than it is to read his words.


One thought on “Stuff Christians Like

  1. Jeff Goins says:

    Great blog. Bummed I missed the free download. In the middle of reading the hardcopy now. Thanks for sharing your observations from the SCL book. I love Jon’s bit about capitalizing pronouns.

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