December Books

77. The Proposal, Lori Wick.

78. The Compound, S. A. Bodeen. For my trip home for Christmas, I decided to explore the world of books on CD, and this one’s title and premise appealed to me. It’s quite good, and I keep finding myself wondering how I would have liked it if I’d read the words. As involved as the story is, I feel like I wouldn’t have been able to put it down had it been in book form. And while I hesitated to ever listen to a book on CD because I love actual books so much, I think this will be a genre I explore for all the driving back and forth to school that I do.

79. Six Rules of Maybe, Deb Caletti.

So here we are at the end (or, well, the beginning of a new year and a new challenge). I fell 21 books shy of my goal for 100 previously unread books. However, when I challenged myself, I didn’t know what the following year would hold, and I’m pleased to see how far I did get towards my goal. Perhaps next year’s challenge will be more conservative. We shall see.


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